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Lumbocare Cushion

  Product Code : 3099 M Contoured

Sabar Backrest, Back Support, Lumbocare support, lumbar support

Lumbar Support, Ergonomic Back Support, Office Back Support, Back Support, Pelvic Support, backrest, orthopedic lumbar support

lumbar sacro support, backrest, sacro lumbar support, lumbar support, sacro lumbar support, back support, back belt, sacro belt

Lumbo Sacral Support, backrest, Lumbocare support, lumbar support, sacro support, orthopedic support, Ergonomics Back Support




  • Lumbocare Cushion minimizes inter-vertebral disc pressure of your spine allowing you to work efficiently more hours in sitting position.

  • Lumbocare Cushion helps to prevent disco-genic back-pain, spinal stenosis, ruptured dis etc.

  • Lumbocare Cushion maintains your posture and contributes to a good personality appearance.


Salient Features :

  • Contoured and comfortable design with attractive fabric cover.

  • Horizontal or vertical fixing style suits to most sitting arrangements.

  • Light in weight.


  • An orthopedic and ergonomic Lumbocare Cushion scientifically designed to give firm support to lumbar part of the spine.

  • PU Molded Contoured seat ensures Spine curve in correct shape and it maintains in natural or anatomic position.

  • Ideal for use in home, office, car etc.. and it fits on most type of sitting arrangements.

Lumbocare Cushion -

Contoured Backrest

P. Code - 3099 M

Available size:

35 x 29 x 8 cms

Lumbocare Horizontal mounting Lumbocare Aligns Spine anatomically Lumbocare Vertical Mounting
Horizontal Mounting style Aligns Spine in Anatomic position Vertical Mounting style

Faster Relief with better features

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