Body Massager

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Body Massager (Pillow)


What would you do when you are suffering from one of those muscles pains, headaches, body-aches or just any ache at any point of your body? When you are tired, you know that a relaxing massage is all you need, and yet cannot spare the time for it?


Reach out for the massaging pillow designed with exactly you in mind


Head Back

Calf Muscles Head and Eyes

Sabar Body Massager

The Sabar Body Massager  - a gentle masseur that massages you gently, giving you feel refreshed and makes you fit and ready to go, in minutes.

Give your body a gentle massage of the Sabar Body Massager and feel the relaxing vibrations that massage, ease and relax you, making you, all set to face the world.

An attractive, special pillow that comprises of a vibrating device inside, that sets on massaging vibrations when slight pressure is applied on it.

The Sabar Body Massager operates with just two dry batteries or equivalent power supply (provisions inside) and is totally safe to use. It can be used as an ordinary pillow when the batteries are removed.


How It Works: The Sabar Body Massager is activated by simply placing it against any part of the body, that you wish to massage, and applying pressure on it. The massaging vibrations come alive without any fuss and you can feel the relief as all your aches and tensions disappear, making it a totally relaxing experience.


An Effective Alternative to Medicines: Doesn't everyone want quick relief from pain? But medicines aren’t always the solution, because they could be harmful and leave side effects that eventually take a toll on your health. The Sabar Body Massager is the harmless solution providing quick relief from pain, in minutes saving you from the harmful effects of medicines. What's more!  it is recommended by Doctors all over for instant relief from muscle pain and body-aches.


Convenient: Designed for convenience, the Sabar Body Massager can go places with you, in your office, at home, in your car, while travelling, or just anywhere you please. Sabar Massager is an incredibly hassle-free, harmless and convenient pillow, providing quick relief in minutes.


Uses: The Sabar Body Massager is recommended for people of all ages. For beauty conscious and teen-agers, it improves blood circulation, which in turn give your skin a healthy glow. For sports persons, it helps to relieve cramps and muscle pains. It is a boon to housewives, office executives, aged people and people always on move.

Accessories: A detachable belt is also provided along with the massager so that it can be strapped on to your chair and it remains in place


The Sabar Body Massager is ideal for:

·        Improving blood circulation

·        Massaging head, scalp and facial muscles.

·        Rejuvenating tired eyes and it helps maintaining good eyesight

·        Getting relief from backaches caused by long drives, continuous office work etc

·        Releasing calf muscles, in leg sprains, and for relaxing feet.



Size     : 32 X 32 X 10 Cm (L X W X H)

Power  : 3V D.C.(2 Large batteries) or Equivalent power Supply

Nett Weight : 300 gms.


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