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Magic Massager, Electric Massager, Travel Pillow,

Healthcare, Personal Care, Massager, Heating Pad, Travel Pillow,

Electric Massager, Travel Pillow, Car Head Rest Pillow, Heating Pad, Magic Massager,


Magic 6 Massager,                Body Massager,                Heating Pad,               Travel Pillow,               Car Head Rest Pillow,               Backguard




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Heating Pads

  Body Massager  
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Magic 6 Body Massager

Car Head Rest Pillow Travel Pillow  

We manufacture a wide range of health and personal care products such as: Magic 6 Massager, Electric Massager, Body Massager Pillow etc  to massage complete body. Wide variety of Heating pads, Heating Mats for blood circulation and healing,. Travel aid such as: Travel Pillow, Car Head-rest Pillow for great travel comforts etc..and more.


Each Sabar product is designed for ultimate effectiveness,

maximum comforts and delivering greater value for money.



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