Car Head Rest Pillow

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Car Head Rest Pillow


Car Head Rest Pillow 

An auto accessory

for improved comfort 

Attaches to the top of your car seat,

giving your head comfort

to rest upon

while driving.


Very few Cars, Vans and Trucks have effective head restraints.

Sabar Inflatable Car Headrest Pillow attaches directly to your car seat to fill the gap between your head / neck and the head restraint of your seat to provide full upper body support.


The ergonomic design provides maximum support, soothes and relaxes tense muscles in your neck, shoulders and lower back as you drive, relieving pain, tension and fatigue.

The impact absorbing air blown cushion design has been proven in crash tests to reduce the severity and duration of whiplash injuries.


Features :

  • Finest Flocked PVC

  • Double Air Lock Valve

  • Soft suede like fabric

  • Allergy tested

  • Size: 29 x 18 x 10 cms. when inflated.

  • Colors available to match quality interiors for your loved car - Maroon, Navy Blue.

  • Weighs only 50 gms. 


Applications : 

  • Effective Neck & Back Pain Relief

  • Helps Reduce Driving Tension & Fatigue

  • Improved whiplash Injury Protection.

  • Physician Approved.


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