Abdominal Surgical Belt


Product Code : 4010

Sabar abdominal belt, Abdomen Belt, surgical belt, abdominal surgical belt

Abdominal surgical belt, a s belt, Abdomen Belt, surgical belt,

Surgical belt, abdominal surgical belt, Abdomen Belt, abdominal belt,

a s Belt, abdominal surgical belt, Abdomen Belt, abdominal belt,


Abdominal Surgical Belt - Sabar


Salient Features :

         Made of unique knitted, ventilated, multi elastic fabrics.

         Soft & Durable.

         Comfortable and inconspicuous to wear.

         Light weight with anti-rolling stays.

         Fixes with easy Hook and Loop fasteners.

         Available in an attractive beige colour.


Applications :

         Abdominal surgical belt - use as abdominal support after surgery.

         Post-delivery support to bring the abdominal shape to normalcy.

         Relief from Hernia pain.

         Reduction and shaping up of tummy.

         Preventing abdominal muscles sagging.


Abdominal Surgical Belt - Sabar


 Abdominal Surgical Belt

P. Code : 4010


 Available sizes :

70 75 80 85 90 95
100 105 110 105 120 Cms

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