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Travel Pillow -

a personal Product
which provides
Cushioned Comfort
to neck while traveling



Inflatable Neck Rest - Travel Pillow is the perfect travel companion for you. Use it to cradle your head and support your neck comfortably when traveling in a car, bus, plane or train.

It's great at home while operating computer, watching TV, reading in the yard, or just napping.

It won't waste valuable packing space when you take this pillow with you; because it folds to fit into your pocket or purse and when you please, it quickly inflates to just the softness you prefer.

 ‘C’ shaped inflatable pillow gently cradles your neck while supporting your head from all sides.
Features :
  • Special ‘C’ shape with three flappers at neck for maximum comforts
  • Double Air Lock Valve
  • Soft suede like fabric
  • Allergy tested
  • Suitable for ages, 12  and above


The Travel Experience !!

The travel experience has evolved immensely over the years. Things were not so magnificent and luxurious years ago, as they are today. Think about it, the biggest luxury at 35,000 feet used to be mediocre meals.

Today, you have Wi-Fi access, DirecTV and On Demand programming — on your own, personal TV! — that enables you to be productive or entertained while onboard. In addition to that great comfortable seats, cushions, neck pillows, ergonomic airplane pillows add to the cake. And remember the travel agent? Your smartphone has replaced him, putting find-the-best-fare abilities in the palm of your hand.

This is made possible by the constantly evolving industries and products. Various traveling gadgets & accessories produced by keeping the traveling comfort and experience as the focus point. Be it GPS gadgets, traveling Cushions, Travel seats, Airplane pillows, ergonomic back rests etc.

The travel industry is a very fragmented, complex and global industry, comprised of giant intersecting sub-sectors of airlines, hotels, tourism, cruises and tech. Today’s traveler would search for comfort and luxury as the primary requirement in his travel agenda. No matter it is plane, train, Car, cruise etc, what matters is comfort and luxury. And this comfort and luxury can only be made possible by constantly evolving products and services made available at the travelers demand.

Things to be carried on a long journey :

GPS instrument, Food inventory, water stock, appropriate clothing accessories (in reference with the location temperature), ergonomic seating arrangements, travel pillows, Comfortable neck pillows, cervical neck rests (to avoid sprain), sufficient cash etc.


Yes, it is best quality travel pillow and high quality travel pillow, travel pillow is for every body, travel pillow for all, it means travel pillow for young and travel pillow for old people, because you can use travel pillow in car, use travel pillow in train, use travel pillow in plane, use travel pillow while operating computer or watching TV



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