Arm Sling


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Salient Features :

1.   Arm Sling is made from lightweight and durable foam laminated fabric mesh which is especially suitable for patients wearing synthetic casts.

2.   Adjustable strap with slide buckle ensures easy wearing, proper and comfortable fit to individuals.

3.   Diagonal strap design limits pressure on back and shoulder.

4.   Special neck pad on shoulder strap for added patient comfort.

5.   Thumb loop allows patient to relax hand.

6.   Designed to fit either right or left arm.

7.   Closes with Hook and Loop fasteners.

8.   Washable with hand or machine.

9.   Available in attractive Light Blue and Beige colour:

Applications :

1.    Arm Sling - use in the treatment of bone, muscle, and / or ligament injury to the hand, arm or shoulder.

Provides correct orthopedic support and protection following surgical or non-surgical correction




Available Sizes

Faster Relief with better features


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